Full automatization

Two iFarm systems controls two different grow rooms. Each iFarm controller measures and controls PH, EC and CO2. They configured to keep proper chemical parameters, schedule pumps operation, drain and refill the water tank every week. There is a number of profiles which changed every week with different PH/EC/CO2 levels. The left device notifies low EC level by changing the LCD color to red and making an alarm sound.

Raising bed controlled by iFarm

Lamps connected directly to built-in outlet. Operated from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM, if ambient light (at the sensor) is less than 2500 Lux.

Pump connected directly to built-in outlet. Operated 5 minutes on, 2 minutes off.

PH Sensor controls PH Down pump - injects PH-DOWN solution for 1 second every 5 minutes if PH is higher than 6.3 ; Forces pump for mixing.

EC Sensor controls Food injection pumps (two separate pumps simultaneously) injects A and B nutrients for 1 second every 5 minutes when TDS is less than 390 PPM

iFarm controller

  Our recent product iFarm is an integrated farming, greenhouse and hydroponics controller. 

It controls many environmental parameters using high accuracy sensors and operating number of power devices with different operational requirements (like 110VAC@3Amps and 24VDC@15Amps). iFarm has four built-in  power outlets, and external power modules for different working voltages and power.

All sensors are detachable, so you can configure and tune your iFarm exactly as you need. iFarm is highly configurable device which makes it usable in many tasks along with regular growing process. For example, you can add some device, let's say pet feeder and schedule it for everyday operation without disturbing your growing process... 

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Sesa Design Inc. is an innovative product development company located in Bedford, NS, Canada. With many years of professional experience,  we research and develop monitoring and control devices for many industries, including farming and hydroponics.Our recently developed computerized controllers and sensors are using cutting edge technology to help hydroponic growers achieve better crops, provide simplified equipment control and save energy while spending less time in the greenhouses.  We are constantly working on the new ideas, listening to the needs of today's greenhouse growers and members of other industries.

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